Thursday, October 8, 2009

Regina and The SBS

This is Regina, one of our staff, who has just recently moved to the Hopeland base in Jinja to attend the 9 month SBS (School of Biblical Studies). It's been her dream for a long time to attend this school so we're very excited for her! Please pray for her time during this school that she would squeeze everything out of it that she can!

To learn more about the SBS held at Hope Land, click on the link below:

Ang Tulay In Arua

Ang Tulay simply means, “The Bridge” in one of the Filipino languages. It is a week long “journey” over the bridge using steps that help both children and adults work through their grief and trauma. See the link below for more information about Ang Tulay and also Precious Jewels Ministry.

What I love about it is the creative nature of the program. It includes stories, music, art, drama, small groups, and activities. I (Nicole) have seen with my own eyes the difference just this one week can make in a child’s life, helping them to share their painful experiences, for some, maybe the first time in their lives.

The implementation has taken place at the Hopeland base in Jinja since June, where a team of staff from Hopeland, Torch and Arua bases have been working alongside the Precious Jewels team to make Ang Tulay relevant to the Ugandan culture.

We held Ang Tulay in Arua in September with all the staff and it was another learning experience for all. I personally love the YWAM Uganda family getting closer and seeing my Arua family part of this journey too! As our mission states, we are called to be "a bridge of healing to the nations." Ang Tulay=The Bridge!

This month we have been evaluating the work so far and looking ahead to the future of Ang Tulay not only in Uganda, but in East Africa and maybe even beyond!

Dorothy explaining the step of "Forgiveness"
Sharon talking about "Love"
Vikki and Edith try out the "Trust"walk
YWAM Arua's own bridge!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leadership Training begins in Nigeria

(Note...please excuse the layout of this post...I tried and tried to line up the text with the photos but it doesn't want to work. Sorry!)

Vikki Wright and Dorothy Bingi left YWAM Arua on Sept 29th to attend a Leadership Training Course (LTC) at the YWAM base in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The opening session was a time of celebrating our diversity by entering 'the gates' according to the year we did our Discipleship Training School (DTS), starting with the most recent DTS graduates in 2009.
Loren and Darlene Cunningham were the last to come through, the pioneers of YWAM's DTSs.

The DTS is the formational school for YWAM during which students learn the foundational values of YWAM and are encouraged to go deep in their relationship with God.

Loren has been sharing many stories of how God lead him to pioneer Youth With A Mission, and the new things God is doing in the mission. It's been an encouraging time to hear from our founder first-hand how God has been leading this mission.

Then we gathered around a map of Africa and took time praying for the countries where we come from, and the countries we have been called to.
We spoke blessings over the nations of the world, and then stood on the African nations we represent and prayed for them.

The Nigerians were the largest contingent, and had a joyful time of celebration and prayer as they gathered on the map.

Although Bingi and Vikki were the only representatives from Uganda, several others joined us to stand with us in prayer for 'the pearl of Africa.'
The Leadership Training Course will continue through Oct. 21.
Please pray for Vikki and Bingi and the rest of the LTC staff and students as we seek God's heart for leadership during these days.
Many blessings,
Vikki and Bingi