Monday, February 8, 2010

GO Camp 2010

This year's 3rd annual GO Camp (Global Opportunities) got off to a great start with 9 students attending the 3-week camp.

The first week consisted of Discipleship training, team building and missions teaching.

The students had a lot of fun on the assault course where they had to work as a team to get through the various obstacles.

1st obstacle...crawling through culverts

2nd obstacle...crawling through tires


Finally...sliding down a slick, soapy tarp.

The students enjoyed worshipping together and bonding in those first few days before they headed off on their 2-week outreach to Southern Sudan.

YWAM Arua has an on-going ministry in Issore, Southern Sudan, working with the Lugot...the People of the Mountain.

Our GO Campers journeyed to Lobone, a town that is a 5 hour walk from Issore, where they stayed during their outreach.

The students took part in a variety of activities, including cleaning around bore holes, leading open air meetings, preaching in churches and even sorting out expired medicines from an abandoned hospital.

Eric all geared up for the hike to Issore --->

<--- Meeting with the youth

One of the GO Camp students, Innocent, who's father is Muslim and mother is Christian said this:

"I saw many changes in my life, especially in singing praise and worship and living in a spiritual community. In Lobone, it was my first time to stand in a church for worship, and my first time to preach. I thought I would be shaken, but I prayed and stood firm. May God remember my prayers, and let the words I spoke keep flowing in the minds and hearts of those people."

An abandoned hospital --->

<--- Inside the hospital

The GO Campers were asked to sort through
boxes of abandoned medicines in the hospital --->

<--- Sadly, nearly all of the medicines were long since expired.

Back in Arua, the team shared the stories of their time in Sudan, and rejoiced at God's faithfulness to keep them healthy and bring them back safely.

Many of the students told of their fears about sharing the Word or doing teachings, and how God gave them strength to stand firm and bring the message.

One student, Susan, said, "I don't think I'll ever fear again."

GO Camp Graduation

Congratulations, GO Campers! You did a great job, and we are proud of you!!