Friday, April 23, 2010

Our dining hall and kitchen need help!

The sad state of affairs:

Our dining hall and kitchen are crumbling once again.

These two temporal buildings have been serving our YWAM base since we moved on to the land 4 years ago. According to our master plan, we will have a nice, permanent kitchen and dining hall on the other side of the property in a few years time.

The dining hall -->

But in the meantime, we need somewhere to cook and eat.

Unfortunately, these temporal buildings made of papyrus mats covered with tarpaulins, and a few bricks here and there just don't hold up very long under the hot African sun.

<-- Pam Wright in dining hall with dog and chickens

So we are appealing to ours friends and supporters and asking if you would be interested in helping us rebuild these buildings with longer lasting materials. We would like to roof them with iron sheets and build up the walls a bit higher with bricks to provide more protection from the elements.

The cost of renovating these buildings is approximately $2,000 USD.

The kitchen -->

If you would like to donate towards this need, we would be very grateful!

Just click on this link: Donate towards rebuilding which will take you to a donate page on YWAM Colorado Springs' website. They are our homefront YWAM base in the USA and they handle our finances. On the donate page, at the button where it says "This donation is designated for:" select "Missionary Support" from the drop down menu. After a few seconds, a new box will pop up that says "Missionary name"...type in "YWAM Arua". We will be notified of the contribution and the money will be transferred to our account.

You will receive an acknowledgment of your donation with a tax deductible receipt.

Thank you all so much for your support. We appreciate you!

Be blessed!

<-- Milka, our cook, in the kitchen