Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go Camp Outreach To Kajo Keji, Sudan

Hello!! This is Ashley excited to share all that’s happened with the Go Camp! What an exciting, stretching, humbling, encouraging and fun experience. Thank you for all of your prayers while we were away on outreach in Kajo Keji! The Lord met with us, used us, and blessed us! I believe the most significant way God used our team was by challenging the local church. None of us were really aware of how much we were being watched in the community. As we shared, prayed and served, the church was watching and people were talking. It wasn’t until our last day of ministry that a pastor of one of the local churches shared with our team about how God had been speaking to him personally as a pastor and challenging him and his church to do more. We pray for Pastor Justin and the other churches in Kajo Keji. May they take advantage of the opportunities to love and serve in their community, that they may be a light that brings people into relationship with Jesus.

It was amazing to see how God blossomed each of the students on outreach! In one way or another, every one stepped out in a new way, doing something they thought they never could or never would do. God really did prove that HE IS OUR STRENGTH in our weakness and that all things truly are possible through Him! God wants willing people and I really believe that it was because of the willingness amongst the team that God used and blessed us in our ministry as He did. Everyday when there was an opportunity to preach, teach, sing...several hands would raise and the students would say “pick me! I’ll do it!”...willing hearts.


We walked through the villages of huts making up Kajo

Keji sitting with the people, learning their names, hearing their stories, encouraging them with the truth of the gospel and God’s Word and supporting them with prayer. Each time we would return to visit the families, we were met with more and more joy, love, and hope because of how Jesus had touched their hearts.


In the local prison, one of the students named Daniel preached on living in the light and living in the darkness. He spoke with so much love and passion, he cried as he prayed for the prisoners. After he was done, a crowd of men, feet shackled and broken came forward. One of the men fell to his knees as he silently prayed to his Jesus. Only the Lord knows our hearts but we can believe and pray for those men..their feet may be shackled within the walls of a prison but they are prisoners no more. They are free in Jesus. Amen.


While our team was in Kajo Keji, we met an elderly man named Joseph. We learned that God had recently healed him from an injury he suffered from many years earlier. The injury left him crippled and unable to even walk but, because of the Lord’s healing, Joseph could now walk again. It was still difficult and a struggle for him but he could walk. The family he was staying with decided he couldn’t stay with them anymore and that he needed to take care of himself. He was left with nowhere to live. Our team was excited to help build Joseph a home :) . We were able to make just under 2000 bricks for him and even though we needed to leave, the local church was challenged by our act of love and service to their neighbor and friend and promised to finish constructing Joseph’s new home.

We thank God for using us. All of the glory goes to God and we applaud Him for the work He has done. Many people’s lives were touched and changed by His love and we were honored to be a part of that.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

God's hand in the Congo

"I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father."
~John 14:12

While the DTS team was in the Congo, they saw God's hand moving in many miraculous ways.

Here are some of the highlights:

One young girl was lying in the hospital after collapsing and becoming unconscious. The team prayed for her and she immediately regained her senses. They were then able to talk with her and discovered that she had been ridiculed at school by her teachers as well as by other students. As result she had allowed a root of bitterness to form in her heart, which was affecting her so much that she was becoming physically ill. The team talked with the girl about forgiveness and about how to not allow negative things from others impact her life. This girl received physical and emotional healing that day!
A woman who had been suffering from severe headaches since 1985 also received prayer from the team. After praying for some time, the team discovered that the woman believed that she had been cursed by the witchcraft of a neighbor. The team explained that even if this other woman had tried to hurt her, she must still walk in forgiveness and love. After explaining the importance of forgiving others in receiving forgiveness from God himself, the woman's headaches stopped at once. She was immediately healed and began praising God! The woman even decided to seek out the neighbor who she believed had cursed her to reconcile the relationship and share God's goodness.

There were many other people in a Catholic mission hospital in one town who were very ill. As the team moved around from one person to the next, God began working. Patient after patient took up their mats and left the hospital at once. Bingi relates that she was even nervous that the workers there would be upset from loosing so many patients. God's faithfulness still prevailed, and instead of becoming angry, the staff wanted to know more about the power of God and his healing touch!

Although there were many great experiences on this trip, there were also many challenges and the people of Congo still need to see God move in their lives. Stay tuned for the next post about these things!