Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DTS Outreach to Lobone Part 3


We were lucky this year to have 4 deaf students on the DTS, 3 of these students joined the team to Sudan.

On a daily basis these students taught local deaf and their families how to communicate with sign language using pictures, demonstration and fun games. It was lovely to see all the people come, anxious to learn, with a new hope of communicating to their loved ones and friends. It was also so encouraging for the hearing students to see the patience and willingness of our friends as they taught.


We had 2 sessions with local pastors and government officials. Using what we learned during lecture phase on Leadership and Team Dynamics, we were able to instill some useful ideas and tools to develop the community of Lobone. After the sessions we felt that God really used us to teach these men and women, and we got a sense that what they learned will not be forgotten.

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bill said...

John, Vicki...anyone at the base...
Did Steve, Danielle, Josiah, and Anna reach Aura??? They were to arrive on the 14th of July by taxi from Entebbe. We have no confirmation. Please send confirmation to email, as soon as possible. Thank you very much and God Bless.