Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DTS Outreach to Lobone Part 3


We were lucky this year to have 4 deaf students on the DTS, 3 of these students joined the team to Sudan.

On a daily basis these students taught local deaf and their families how to communicate with sign language using pictures, demonstration and fun games. It was lovely to see all the people come, anxious to learn, with a new hope of communicating to their loved ones and friends. It was also so encouraging for the hearing students to see the patience and willingness of our friends as they taught.


We had 2 sessions with local pastors and government officials. Using what we learned during lecture phase on Leadership and Team Dynamics, we were able to instill some useful ideas and tools to develop the community of Lobone. After the sessions we felt that God really used us to teach these men and women, and we got a sense that what they learned will not be forgotten.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DTS outreach Part 2...more stories from Lobone, Southern Sudan


We were all a little bit worried about the potential of being served bush rat for a meal, but as it turns out, it tastes pretty good and we all digested it quite well.

Bush rat restaurant

We went to eat with the local pastors and government officials that we had been teaching about Leadership and Team Dynamics that morning. It was a nice way of getting to know them better, to hear their hearts and to find out what they had learned from us.


We played volleybal atleast 3 times per week with the local youth.

Our kids played and coloured pictures with their kids.


School ministry team walked 30 minutes, 3 times per week to spend time teaching and having fun with the children. During the morning we taught Bible stories and verses using different methods like drama. After the teaching time, we played games outside with the children. They loved having us there and enjoyed getting their pictures taken.

Stay tuned for more stories and pics in Part 3!

Monday, December 6, 2010

2010 DTS Outreach Stories and Testimonies Part 1


I will begin by saying God is so good.

It never ceases to amaze me how God will use us if we allow Him, if we stand back and let Him work through us, if we give up control and let Him lead the way. I have many stories that I could share about our Discipleship Training School outreach in Lobone, Southern Sudan, I will highlight a few over the next couple of weeks to give you just a taste.


20 Years old, former LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) captive, addicted to alcohol, rejected by family and friends. This boy was found by members of our team sitting alone, looking tired, malnourished and sick. This boy's feet were the home of many worms, called Jiggers. His home was infested, and his feet so badly eaten that he could no longer feel any pain.

I met Bosco one morning and knew right away that we did not have the amount of medicine to help him. The hospital authorities were reluctant to admit him becuase his case was so bad, but we advocated for him, and they finally admitted him to hospital for treatment. Over the next 2 weeks, his feet, although scarred, were free of Jiggers, and his face shone like that of someone who was finally loved...he had hope that life could be different.

We spoke to Bosco about Jesus, and told him that he was loved not only by us but by a great big Father God. He never gave his life to Christ while we were there, but I know that Bosco's
life was changed. I know that God will continue to work in the life of this boy, He will continue to transform him, He will continue with the work that we could not. Bosco knows that now he is not alone.